Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012


The event your mother warned you about is turning 12. Airborne and ground controlled chaos returns to Loon Mountain once again where Pro and Am riders clash in one of the most anticipated snowboard events of the year right here in New Hampshire. This is not your average event. $5000 in cash, prizes and raw snowboarding on three sections custom built by the LMP staff. Brought to you by Eastern Boarder, Loon, K2 Snowboarding, Oakley, 32 and Redbull. Be There.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Winter?

What do you do when mother nature hands you lemons in the form of one of the most mild winters new england has ever seen? You get a kicker ramp, throw some hot dogs on the grill and make sweet sweet skate jam lemonade. A big thanks to everyone that showed up, skated, and had a good time. Sam Mccormick got a couple clips and threw em together with the quickness. Enjoy and see you next time.-nix

VOLCOM's Peanut Butter and Rail Jam 2012


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Session: THE A$$HOLERY.

The assholery ramp has been the winter hideout for a couple years now, good friends, good skating, and good times. Last night Adam Metterville came down to skate and snap a few photos of the skating that went down. Watching strobel and bruce skate the bowl is always treat.-nix

-Bruce Bertleman:Crailslide

-Bruce:fakie ollie.


-Paulie:Texas Plant

-John Nicholson:boneless disaster.

-nix:sal flip tail.

-Jon Strobel:backside smith grind.

-Strobel:back tail.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Come down and skate this Wednesday!


This past saturday wrapped up our 3 part rail jam series at Ski Ward and i think its safe to say it was a success. All the local heads showed up and killed every stop, and we even had a few guest appearances from EB team riders that came and through and gave out some product out of their own personal stash. In the end it was Mitch Harpin that accumulated enough points to take the overall win earning himself a brand new Forum snowboard, a heavy chunk of cash in EB gift cards, and a spot in Eastern Boarders coveted LAST CALL snowboard competition on March. 12th. It seems everybody was having to much fun riding and dorking around to get any real coverage of the event, but Mackenzie Hennesey showed up in the clutch and managed to snap a few photos. Shout outs to Ski Ward Tony at Epik and all the riders who came out and made this shindig as fun as it was.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Long time EB local Zach Hastings was driving back from skating Bristol with his buddy Dan Duquette when they spotted a coupe vans plaster with Deathwish and Baker stickers. Knowing the the teams were in the area they figured it must be them. After some smooth driving they caught up to them and spot THE BOSS himself! Then one of the dudes leans out the window and hands Zach a deck! To top it off the picture ends up in Thrasher. Frick'n wild ! -SPK