Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nothing but the truth

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J-Nix's Skate Flashback

Working at a skate shop you see a lot of kids coming in and out all the time, with all types of boards. The other day though, local Holden resident Brian DeVarney came to get new grip on an old Zero complete that his mom had purchased at a yard sale. As it turns out the board was the exact same one that I myself learned to skateboard on! I recognized it as soon as I saw the Shorty's "Fulfil the Dream" sticker on the nose. Turns out that it IS a small world after all. Thanks for the blast from the past Brian. -J.NIX

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Few Pix From The Game...

The Sox ALCS game 7 that I posted about earlier on here turned out to be a blast. The Red Sox, as you know by now, won it and then ended up sweeping the World Series. Before the game we were hanging out across the street at Boston Beerworks. I was wearing an Autobahn hoodie & I noticed this dude sitting at the packed bar kind of looking over at us, and checking out the sweatshirt. He looked familiar, but I couldn't figure from where. Finally we went up to the bar to get a drink and he said "Do you ride for EB??" It turned out to be this dude Jonah and his girlfriend Anne. I used to see Jonah around skating back in the day, but haven't seen him for a while. The Autobahn hoodie had caught his eye out of the crowd. It was cool, we had a few beers, did a little catching up, and then headed in to check out the game. Here's a couple of pix from that night... -TEO

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jim Phillips

For some of you young bucks out there Jim Phillips is the man responsible for pretty much all of the most recognizable and iconic skateboard graphics ever. Every time I see a Phillips graphic I feel 13 again. And we're seeing more and more on his stuff coming back lately, from Santa Cruz re-issues to t-shirts and gloves from Grenade. I ran across this older but good post about the guy so check it out.
Studio Visit: Jim Phillips

Monday, October 22, 2007

2008 STI

Since there is a STI on the cover of this months Snowboarder I guess this is relevant information. Anyone who has been down to the Worcester shop knows that the parking lot on an average day could be mistaken for a Subaru dealership. So hear is a sneak peak at the new STI debuting at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show on October 24. -SPK

If you want to check some video of Ken's jump here you go. One of NZ's funniest comps.. The Chop Washed Up Cup. To enter you have to be over 30 and Washed Up in the snowboard scene. Free beers, free BBQ and Ken Block and a Subaru WRX rally car jumping a 60ft'er doubles with DC pro Eddie Wall. Sounds like a party to me. -SPK

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Game 7 Time

OK, I'm only putting this on here to make Herb jealous because he says that Worcester doesn't update our blog enough. How's this for an update: Game 7 at Fenway, for a trip to the Series, getting a little wild out in the bleachers!! SICK!! Hey Cleveland, save all those towels for crying into. Remember back in 2004 when EB released those limited edition Sox logo hats, then they ended up winning it all?? Coincidence: I don't think so... -TEO

Monday, October 15, 2007

TEO's 80's Flashback!!

Have you ever heard the expression "What's old becomes new again..."? Well I certainly had that feeling recently when I was looking through the new products that we got into the shop the other day. As I was unpacking the new stuff, I got this strange sort of feeling like I had seen some of this stuff before. Wait a minute... That new Airblaster T looks a little bit like the old 1989 Craig Kelly Burton Air logo & that new Santa Cruz Strubing deck is a spittin' image of the old Rob Roskopp Santa Cruz decks from back around the mid-80's! It was cool to see these new versions because both of the original boards are very near & dear to me; they were some of the first few boards that I rode! -TEO

A young, hair farming TEO rocks the
Craig Kelly "Burton Air" shirt back in the day.
(holy big hair... J-nix might be jealous!)

Craig Kelly back in his late 80's glory days... CK Ruled!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

USASA Comes to Central Mass

Looking for something new to do this winter. There are a whole bunch of new Usasa sanctioned events right here in your backyard. I've done a few of the pipe events before and I had a blast (even though I got second to last place) .If you want to get out and have some fun competing this winter you should check out these events. There is a sign up day October 28th @ the Grafton Community Barn. They will be having a Video Clip Contest. You can send in a one minute clip of your self and checkout all the entries on the 28th. So stop over on Oct 28th to meet staff, coaches, and competitors and see what the events are all about. -SPK

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This is going down, you should probably go

October 6th

Junk and Stuff

So Tent Sale was a huge success! So much so that we are going to have another mini one this weekend. A big thanks to every one that came down to see us, there we're great deals to be had and every one was stoked. I have some great pictures but I left the little cord thing that attaches the camera deal to the computer you'll have to wait till tomorrow. -SPK