Saturday, September 26, 2009

Element Skateboard Camp.

This summer from August 14th through the 17th, Element Skateboards had a retailers weekend at there infamous skatecamp in Vasailia, CA. Pros, Sales reps, and lucky shop guys were all invited out to stay, skate, party, and experience all the dope stuff that the camp had to offer. Me and local shop homie Chandler Bisceglia were lucky enough to be invited out and all the parks out there were some of the best we have ever skated and all around it was a really awesome experience. I had never been to California and chandler had never even been on an airplane before so overall our first trip out was done quite proper. We made alot of new friends and met alot of dudes that we would have normally never met. Below are some photos from the camp as well as a link to a video that the element dudes filmed and posted up of the weekend. A big thanks to Andy Pignatora for hooking the trip up, Paul Luna and Jeremy Wray for taking and coming through with the photos, and of course Element Skateboards. -John Nicholson

nix- tre-flip, nollie inward heel. chandler-nollie heel

Check out the video on element !

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