Thursday, January 28, 2010

No More Tomato Talk

So apparently Shaun White is over the whole "Flying Tomato" thing, and wants a new nickname. I was under the impression that a nickname was just whatever you ended up with, something that someone called you that just stuck. Not your own personal choice... but whatevs.

Anyway check it out. You can even leave a comment on there with a new nickname choice of your own (I can't wait to see what people suggest -TEO)


Eastern Boarder-Leominster said...

It shouldn't even be up for discussion. You get what you're given. Scott has been "Earl" forever .. he took it like a man and now nobody knows he's even Scott. Kovall was and will be "Manchild"..he rolled with it. It's going to stick.

ccc said...

menstrual head man.