Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Worcide Work Day

If it didn't hit 100 degrees this day it was damn close. Still a lot of people showed up to help clean, shovel, carry 80 lb. bags of concrete, mixing and pouring and even getting in a little skating. Thanks to all that showed up and or kicked in some cash for crete. This spot has a huge amount of potential so if you're in the Worcester area stop by The FYC or Eastern Boarder and buy one of the Quikrete shirts for $10.00 which will in turn pay for on bag of Quikrete or Bring in a bag of Portland cement and get a free EB shirt. You'll have a cool shirt and help build a cool spot. Big thanks to Tom and Noah (of Crust Crew and Breaking Ground fame) for showing up on their day off from work on the Andover bowl, to help out and make sure this thing comes out as good as possible. Thanks to Mark from EB Danvers for making this cool vid clip. The next big clean up and pour day is Saturday August 21st.

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