Thursday, December 2, 2010


Pants for days, slim to super baggy

Boots, Bindings and First Layers

Snowboard full face sunglasses from Anon, Electric, Oakley, Ashbury, Dragon, and Von Zipper.

Electric Shred Glasses

Clear, Comfortable, and Anti-Fog goggles from Oakley

Magical Go-Go hawt wax

Ass Wax, please do not wax your ass with this product, for snowboard ass use only.

Gloves from Special Blend, Burton, Analog, DC, Oakley, Rome SDS, and Forum

Fully stocked Youth snowboard section with tons of Outerwear, Boots, Bindings and Boards from 90cm up.

Volcom 152 snowboard for sale December 15th. True Twin All-mountain ripper. try to buy this somewhere else...

Thirty Two Lover 152 same deal as the Volcom board, you can't find these anywhere.

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Emma Tanner said...

Nice Volcom products. I wanna buy some stuff there.