Saturday, January 30, 2010

Red Bull X Waterville Valley X Gnarly X Reschedule

I'm not positive but Im guessing this got rescheduled cause it rained really hard and then went sub zero. It will be so fun in Feb so mark your calendars bitches.

The Dew Tour @ Mount Snow

The Dew Tour is at Mount Snow on February 4-7th click for info DO THE DEW !!! BRO!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Change your tube with out tools !

Fly Cobra tubes are in stock!

2010 SIA Show Sneak Peek

The 2010 SIA Show just kicked off out in Denver. SIA gives retailers an advanced look at all of the new products that will be coming out for the next year's snow season. We managed to get hold of a few pirated shots smuggled out from this year's event... Keep watching the blog for more updates from SIA 2010 -TEO

Behold the future of snowboarding!!

Electric introduced their new line of outerwear, along with their fully spherical EG3 goggle

NXTZ 2010 line is sure to keep you all warm & toasty with items
like the new Neck Snuggler and the All Over Body Scarf

Burton's RED line will feature some great new items such as the woman's
Empire helmet w/ full 360 degree impact protection along with the remotely
controlled wireless micro snowboard lock (ipod compatible)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

No More Tomato Talk

So apparently Shaun White is over the whole "Flying Tomato" thing, and wants a new nickname. I was under the impression that a nickname was just whatever you ended up with, something that someone called you that just stuck. Not your own personal choice... but whatevs.

Anyway check it out. You can even leave a comment on there with a new nickname choice of your own (I can't wait to see what people suggest -TEO)

All-Time Steeze...

If you happen to have a few hundred bucks just sitting there, burning a hole in your Paypal account, here's your chance to score a classic... In my opinion one of the top stand out board graphics of all time from one of the best skate/snowboarders. Noah Salaznek's 93/94 Sims pro model snowboard. There have been a few other skate style snowboard graphics over the years, but this one no doubt tops them all in sickness.

Don't sleep on it, though 'cause this one ends soon... -TEO

Noah Salaznek interview from "Powder & Rails" on VBS.TV:


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sofa King Elderly Mafia

Team Elderly Mafia of SofaKing New England took the first stop of their 6 mountain tour to Mount Snow yesterday. The conditions could have been a little better but with 2" of rain the night before, the Mount Snow park staff did an excellent job getting a few of the parks back up and running. Check out everything Sofa King here.

Hidden sofa in the trees.

Leaked challenge attempts... on glare ice.
Auger, one footed truck driver.

Pat Moore for President !

Well maybe not yet, but he is up for rider of the year. Click here to vote. -SPK

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mike Ravelson Rookie Card

Mike Ravelson has been on point lately, whether he be shredding your local mountain harder than you, or throwing down tricks on a rail at your school that you didnt even think was do-able. The kid has been the topic of the majority of recent snow related blog posts, and recently got a two page rookie card photo and write up in eastcoast snowboarding. Much deserved coverage for a dude who loves snowboarding and works his ass off. Come on down to Eastern Boarder Worcester and pick up a copy for the incredible value of Fo' FREE. Hats off Mike, keep up the good work.-NIX

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Why don't you sell bikes on the website?

Why don't you sell bikes on the website?

We get this question all the time. So let me address it directly, we don't sell bikes online because bikes need to be built correctly and need service to work properly, its something you just can't get from a website. If you order your bike online and build it yourself you void the warranty and most likely will have mechanical problems down the line. When you purchase a bike from Eastern Boarder you get the full factory warranty, a professionally built ready to ride bike adjusted to your liking, and a 30 day tune-up to help maintain and keep the bike running smooth. All this is included in the the purchase at no extra cost. Plus when you come down to the shop you can get sized up on it, ride it, and talk to a real live person about the differences between models. When something does go wrong with the bike our shops are full service centers able to fix a simple flat or build you a custom wheel set and everything else in between. So when your ready buy your next bike, take a minute to think about what's the better deal. Let me ask you this, has DANS COMP ever fixed your flat tire? bent rim? or anything for that matter? -SPK

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mount Snow Park Update

Heres a fun little park update from Mount Snow filmed and edited by Garrett Fist-givens. Look for more updates to come plus 2011 snowboard reviews...

EB Woo@ Mt. Snow from garrettfitz on Vimeo.

if you didn't know the song from the edit is Feel me flow by Naughty by Nature, they filmed the video at Stratton Mountain back in the day. Check the mayhem on the flat bottom of the pipe...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

These Guys Again

mike rav and nick espo hit a rail close to our houses for like 30 minutes before dark.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Carlos Rohena just got some print in issue 74 of Digbmx chances are if you bought a bike from EB Worcester this guy built it. -SPK

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Happy Tree Films

Product Review: EB Nashua on the Arbor Draft

Headed out to midnight madness with a couple of the homies last weekend and got a chance to get on a 153 Arbor Draft. Earl, Scott, and I made a video review of the board, and we kinda gave an overview of the board here and a couple of riding clips too.

It was cold, it was late, and it was pretty icy (as you'd expect in lovely NH), but the Draft rode very well throughout the course of the night. The Draft utilizes "The System", a way to integrate different technologies to work in unison to create a true-twin reverse camber board designed for the freestyle minded rider. Arbor uses brass edges on the Draft for a better sliding experience. Bronze is softer than steel, so it allows for a more catch-free rail riding experience. The board boasts Arbor's Grip-Tech sidecut, which offers extra contact points beneath your feet, allowing you better board control, and constant edge-hold on hard-pack conditions. -Tommy J

The Arbor Draft is in stock at Eastern Boarder Worcester.

Friday, January 15, 2010

NEW Product! RVCA

Semi related nudity

Ass Load of Wax

EB Worcester is putting our ASS on the line with this exclusive all weather deal! You get 4 pounds of ASSWAX* for $39.99. You get 2 pounds of all temp and 2 pounds of cold for those arctic temps we've been having and 2 very hard to get I heart ASS stickers. We only have 3 packs left so don't snooze. -SPK

* Caution! All ASS WAX is in fused with STATE OF THE FART TECHNOLOGY use at your own risk, cause your going to go wicked fast guy

Ladies At Loon

Looking for a strictly-freestyle camp on the East coast? Loon Mountain’s Droppin’ In Weekend is a two-day clinic for women wanting to learn all aspects of terrain park riding. Ride in the camp’s own private park at the top rated terrain park in the East. Learn to dominate any feature or own the 450-foot long Superpipe with the support of the mountain’s best female freestyle coaches. But it’s not just park progression that makes Droppin’ In so hot. This year Oakley will be sending two of their women Global Pro Riders to help coach.

Level: Intermediate to advanced

Dates: March 6-7

Cost: $198 including lift access and lessons

Package: 2 day lift ticket
15+ hours of coaching
Personal video review with appetizers
Private room for registration
Yoga clinic
Goggle bar
Oakley tote bag including: towel, yoga mat, mittens, beanie, snowpass holder and eyewear
Movie night
One “Most Improved” prize to be awarded; will include a trophy and outerwear

Register by calling (800) 229-LOON

Web site:

Friday, January 8, 2010

Threedom Thursdays #19

Threedom goes is some older footy from opening day 09/10 at Waterville Valley. Rav, Espo, Auger and Bryan B has 3 tricks each...enjoy!

Threedom Thursdays #19 from Eastern Boarder on Vimeo.

the BEARics

Etnies and Bear mountain teamed up to bring you the snow version of The Berrics, in their private snow park. Looks pretty dope with riders like Grendy, Stevens, Sexton, Jalali and JP Walker. Look for the site to go live January 15th. -AUGER
HERE is the link.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Retro Snow stick

We see all manner a shred stick come thru the tune shop this one came in today, its awesome! I'm old enough to actually remember this board and the legend that rode it. Keep in mind he shredded it in hard boots. -SPK

Monday, January 4, 2010

Rome recall

From the Rome website "We at Rome have just learned of a potential safety issue concerning our 2010 United binding. If you have purchased this binding or are using it, please stop immediately and contact us at 802.244.1758 or at We will upgrade your 2010 United binding at no cost to you. However, we will ask you to return your 2010 United bindings to us. We will be out of the office for the holiday of January 1st tomorrow and back in the office starting next Monday, January 4th."

If you bought a pair of these bindings from Eastern Boarder please come in and see us and we'll get you all set up on some new bindings. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks -SPK

Saturday, January 2, 2010

First car post of the new year...

Most of you probably watched Travis Pastrana jump his Subaru on New Years Eve so sticking with that theme check out another crazy Ken Block Subaru vid. -SPK