Sunday, April 10, 2011

Howitzers, Mormons, Bears ... A snowboarder fears not these things...

As most of you know Bryan B left us a while ago to start his posh life in the Big Apple. He hasn't forgot us little folks back in sleepy Worcester. He pasted along these words and photos about his current snowboard travels, sounds fun.

My friend Manny and I are on our annual snowboard trip and this one is one for the books. Colorado, Utah, Cali, and Nevada. After some spring ridding in Colorado we drove up to Park City Utah and were greeted by 13' of fresh with no sign of stopping. We rode "the best snow on earth" all day long. Now we're off to Cali for the second leg of the trip. Thanks to Misha at Park City for hooking it up!!

Then we get into Mammoth and were about to go park the car by the dumpsters and Eric says "sweet someone left the dumpsters open hope there's a bear in there. So we get out and a the bear comes out of the dumpter, then ANOTHER comes out, one does a "bluff charge" at Eric, Manny thinking quick gets in the car and flashes the lights and honkin' the horn and they RAN off.
Scary SHIT.

Oh and Mammoth got a foot last night, powder all day under BLUE skys...June, NStar to come... -Bryan B

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