Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holden Skatepark Meeting

Holden Skatepark, 1997.

If you, your child, you grandmother, you ex-boyfriend, or anyone for that matter who has ever looked at a skateboard and lives within an hour of Holden, Massachusetts should be at the Senior Center in Holden on Tuesday, Januray 11th at 5:30pm.

Are you sick of going to a skatepark that was just built and hating how it turned out? By going to this meeting you can put in your own input, shaping how the Holden skatepark will turn out. The town was nice enough to fly our designers, all they need now is your ideas. With the holidays over, you have no excuse not to be there. Please go, voice your opinions, and help support the people who have been fighting hard for this for a long time. You know you are going to skate there when its done, why not have some say in what there is to skate. See you there -AUGER

Holden Senior Center
1130 Main Street
Holden, MA 01520


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