Sunday, January 2, 2011

Living The Single(s) Life

Now that the longer Holiday Hours at the shop are winding down and the crazyness of Christmas Season 2010 (and the 50+ hour work weeks that came along with it) is just a memory, I finally got a chance to get out on the hill at Wachusett last night to take a few runs. You know, try out the new whip, knock the rust off of the old bones & get my snow legs back under me (FLASHBACK: Did I just pull something in my back trying on my new boots at home while getting ready? Uh oh, not a good sign!) After a few pre-emptive aspirins & a quick shot of Dr. Jack's medicine I was ready to go. Since I only planned on being out for a quick hour or 2 of riding I kept it a solo mission. As a result, the Singles Line was the way I rolled all night. Ah yes, the Singles Line... that game of chance that as randomly as the lottery, throws you into an 8 minute rendezvous together with 2 or 3 complete strangers. Always interesting to say the least!

Most of the time a little small talk is the rule here: "How's the snow today?" "How long have you guys been out for today?" "Seems like it's getting a little colder..." If you end up getting on w/ some other snowboarders the topics can drift into board tech or how the park might be looking that day. Whatever it takes to pass the time to the top. Occasionally I'll get recognized from the shop, maybe by someone that I had sold some stuff to: "You look like someone from down at EB." That's always cool, you get a chance to ask about their new gear & how it's working out for them. Last night, I ran into 2 guys that had sold some boots and bindings. Both had nothing but good reviews to give about them!! It's also always pretty cool to see all of the EB stickers that are adorning the boards and helmets of so many peeps... let's us know that we are doing it right!

Later I got put on w/ 3 completely drunk Russian guys on some sweet ski equipment straight out of 1989, wearing some vintage "How's your day glowin?" neon outerwear. The whole ride up they keep conversing boisterously in Russian, laughing loudly and occasionally looking over at me curiously. I have no idea what they are talking about. What's that they keep saying? "Tórmoz"? Is that the Russian name for snowboarder? Are they talking about me? Of course not (then when getting off of the lift at the top I think that the guy closest to me gave me a little shove as he let out a drunken giggle...)

Once in a while you will "crap out" and end up on Death Chair. Staring straight ahead like zombies, only the dead silence of a tomb will accompany you on your long, cold ride to the top when you get stuck w/ this group. No sense trying to make small talk here (as I just pull my hood over my head & join in the fun, hunching myself anti-socially over the front bar)

So roll the dice once in a while & try your luck at the game of chance known as the Singles Line... You never know who you might end up meeting on there! -TEO

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