Sunday, February 27, 2011

NEVER Use Loctite on your Snowboard!

Just a little snowboarding safety hint from your friends at EB... You should NEVER USE LOCTITE ON YOUR SNOWBOARD! That stuff can eat away at plastics & can turn your binding discs into "peanut brittle" Trust me, you don't want to be coming down from a 30 foot jump at speed & have your binding disc disintergrate right from under you! Loctite can also seep into the snowboard itself, and eat away at it internally! On top of all that it can void your warranty as well.

So if your binding hardware is getting harder to keep tight, you should just pick up a new set. It should have either a nylon insert or a safer thread-lock coating to help keep them tight and in place on your board.(Checking & tightening all of your binding hardware frequently will help too. It only takes like 30 seconds, so don't be a slacker! -TEO)

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