Friday, June 17, 2011


-The gravis arto is a great skate shoe. for me it is important how my shoes fit/skate after being worn and broken in as opposed to right out of the box. these shoes break in to be one of the best fitting skate shoes out there and have a really good insole.

2.Bones wheels-STF
-Bones wheels are the best wheels out there, bottom line. last forever and will never flatspot.

3.RVCA/Matix(the red tank top in particular)apparel.
-Rvca makes great fitting and looking clothes, and the new matix summer stuff is looking better than ever.

4.Independent trucks.
-Indys are the best trucks out there, duh. But for those of you that are still on your beat ventures that your buddy gave you because yours broke, save your quarters and get a pair you wont be disappointed, and new indy lows just in time for summer if thats more your style.

5.DANG/thrasher shades.
-Last but not least, sunglasses are a summertime must no one likes having to squint to check the babe action across the beach, or skatepark and if your like me and have issued with destroying sunglasses the dang/thrasher shades are a awesome cheap and stylish option.

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