Sunday, June 26, 2011


IT'S ON! Get a skate and hit it!
Here's a list of some local skateparks in New England, the list it in order by distance from Worcester click the links for info. We also gave each park a rating on 1 to 5 stars, just remember you can find something fun to skate anywhere, have fun, and be safe.

* at least it's a park

** nothing better to do

*** this place is pretty fun

**** good times

***** a must skate

Greenhill Skatepark (free)***

Oxford Skatepark (free)*

Charlton Skatepark (free)**

Fitchburg Skatepark (free)****

Hudson Skatepark (free)****

Acton Skatepark (free)***

Dayville Skatepark (free)****

Greenside Skatepark (pay)****

Providence Skatepark (free)***

Jamestown Skatepark (free)***

Bristol Skatepark (free)*****

Northampton Skatepark (free) ****

Rad Skatepark (pay)****

Skaters Edge Skatepark (pay) ***

Rye Airfield Skatepark (pay)*****

Granite Skatpark (pay)*****

Red Alert Skatepark (pay)***

Talent Skatepark (pay)***

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