Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Contests Overload

Every year everyone decides to slam a ton of contests together to make for hands down the most fun week of snowboarding ever. Get your livers ready, get that fake cough going, call out of work with a made up terminal illness, and get your ass up north. Starting this Thursday, the mayham begins. Here it is... your 2013 March contest weekend(s) lineup. -AUGER

 Friday, March 15th - Ragged Mountain - Mike Baker Banked Slalom (DO NOT MISS)

Saturday, March 16th - Sunday River - Lib Tech's NEAR CANADA OPEN (DO NOT MISS)

Monday, March 18th - Loon Mountain - Eastern Boarder's LAST CALL (DO NOT MISS, SERIOUSLY)

Tuesday, March 19th - Waterville Valley - Back to the Boneyard (DO NOT MISS)

Saturday and Sunday, March 23, 24th - Sugarloaf Resort - Sugarloaf Banked Slalom (UNDERSTANDABLE IF YOU MISS)

If you absolutly can't make it to the Mike Baker Banked, or the Lib Tech Near Canada Open... 
just know your blowing it, but you can always hit up...

Thursday, March 14th through Sunday March 17th - Stratton Mountain - Vermont Open (MISS THIS FOR THE MIKE BAKER BANKED)

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