Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oakley Shred Shop Challenge 2012

Snowboarder Mag and Oakley teamed up to fly us out to Mammoth last year for the Shred Shop Challenge, a contest for snowboard shop employees. Team EB consisted of Mike Rav, Tanner McCarty, Dyl9 and myself. Although we didnt take home the $1000 cash prize and bragging rights (Wave Rave took that, Congrats again guys), we did put together the best team run done in competition ever. (footage?) Anyways heres the video...

This years contest is Wednesday, March 20th. Tanner McCarty, Ryan Kelly, Cole St. Martin, and myself are going out to take this one down. Keep an eye out on the Eastern Boarder instagram, facebook, and blogs for updates.

Again a HUGE thank you to Oakley, Snowboarder Mag, Jeff Baker, Pat Bridges and everyone who made this contest happen. See you guys Wednesday.

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